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Use the Forum, Chaos Section, 'Game Suggestions' catagory, to suggest new features, changes to current features, or even rebalancing of existing features if you feel they are too strong/weak/etc....

Thank you. Admin & co.

Apr 20-25, 2007

Alliance and Race Weapons

The defenders medical rate is now factored into the kill percents.
Protection time is now 3hours for alliance weapon, 10 hours for race weapon.

Evolution above that needed to get all weapons

If you evolve above the level needed to acquire all weapons, you can begin to call on divine assistance.
The beings summoned will assist you in BOTH attack and defence, will add to your att&def actions, cannot be sabotaged, cannot be lent, do not require units to summon (as they are beings, not weapons), and do NOT benefit from your personal strike/def/unit strength bonuses.
In effect, these beings 'come as they are', and will stay to assist you until they are no longer able.
Also, each evolution step you make above that required to summon them, doubles their strength.

Mar 27-Apr 5, 2007

Race Wars

The ability to attack races you are not at war with, while in a race war, is now allowed (previously could only attack race was at war with.)
You will, though, only be able to strike at 1/2 power, since your real focus (and hatred) is elsewhere....

Race Leader Messages

If sent from the race leader (ie they typed and sent a message) it will now go to you directly, instead of mixed in with the 'race actions' that have occured.

Private Market

Now has up to 3 of each 'combination' to choose from, although you can NOT accept a trade from any player who has shared your IP.

Feb 4, 2007


Many new changes, including race wars, alliance functions, ingame forums, and some other suprises.
All known bugs fixed, some balance changes.

Feb 4, 2005

ERA 1 Starts

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